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Invisalign® Clear Aligner Therapy in Arcadia

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What Is Invisalign® Clear Aligner Therapy?

Clear aligner is an orthodontic treatment for addressing malocclusions and other dental misalignments. Dentists offer this treatment as an alternative to traditional braces that are indiscreet and sometimes uncomfortable on the teeth. Clear aligner therapy utilizes a set of transparent custom aligners that gradually align your teeth to their correct positions. Treatment usually lasts three to eighteen months, depending on the severity of the dental misalignment.

What Are the Benefits of Clear Aligners?

clear aligner therapy in arcadia


Clear aligners are virtually invisible and barely noticeable. This starkly contrasts with metal braces that contain brackets and archwires that wrap around the teeth. This makes clear aligners an excellent option for people who would feel socially uncomfortable with braces.

No Eating Restrictions

Unlike braces, clear aligners don’t restrict your diet; you can eat whatever you want. All you have to do is remove your aligners, enjoy your meal, brush your teeth, and plop the aligners back in place. Metal braces are pretty restrictive in terms of what patients can eat. For instance, patients with braces can’t eat popcorn, taffy, or even crunchy vegetables.

clear aligner therapy in arcadia
clear aligner therapy in arcadia

Better Oral Health

You can always remove your clear aligners to brush and floss your teeth, then put them back on right after. It’s hard to say the same about braces that are tied to your teeth using screws and elastic bands.

#1Initial consultation


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Initial Assessment and Treatment Plan


After scheduling an appointment with Dr. Lee, he’ll examine your teeth to check the extent of the misalignment. Please note, clear aligners are only suitable for mild and moderate malocclusion. If you qualify, our Arcadia dentist will create a treatment plan detailing the steps, equipment, and medication necessary for the procedure.

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3D Scanning and Fabrication of Aligners


Next, Dr. Lee will utilize 3D scanning technology to create a 3D model of your teeth. He’ll then show you the 3D render of your teeth on a screen and show how the aligners will straighten them. Afterward, he’ll send the renders to a lab to manufacture your custom clear aligners.

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Receiving and Wearing the Aligners


After a few weeks, the aligners will arrive from the lab, and you can receive them. But before you can take them home, Dr. Lee will instruct you on how and when to wear them and give you tips for cleaning them. All that’s left is to wear the aligners as per the instructions, and your teeth should straighten within a few months.

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What Alignment Issues Can Clear Aligners Therapy Threat?

Clear aligners can address various types of malocclusions, including open bites where the upper front teeth extend beyond the lower teeth. It also fixes underbite, which occurs when the lower front teeth extend further than the upper front teeth. Aside from these, clear aligners also treat crossbites, uneven spacing between teeth, and crooked teeth.

How Long Do You Have to Wear Clean Aligners in a Day?

Dentists recommend wearing the clear aligner for twenty to twenty-two hours a day. This means you should only remove them when you want to clean them or eat. Otherwise, they should remain on your teeth pretty much throughout for the best results. Thankfully, clear aligners are super comfortable and won’t irritate your mouth.

Change your smile, change your life.

Change your smile, change your life.
Change your smile, change your life.